In-house Tooling, Stamping and Plating Services

All American Manufacturing Company provides Tooling Services, Stamping Services and rack-type Nickel/Chrome Plating Services, all in-house. We'll help you reduce your on-hand inventory. We can save you time, and help reduce your costs, while providing improved quality and service.

Tool and Die: We have the experience and the expertise necessary in both tool making and tool servicing to make your product a success. Our in-house computer design of tooling allows us to quickly and accurately develop and build tooling, as well as service and repair tooling. Plus, with in-house polishing and plating, the final production part can be verified and monitored at the start of the production process-not after the fact.

Stamping: Our Pressroom has fourteen presses, from 25 tons to 105 tons, running progressive, compound and blanking tooling. We run coil fed strip, flat stock, tubular products, and single hit operations. With decades of experience, All American Manufacturing Company knows how to control both the quality and the cost of the final product, from material specifications and quality control procedures, to handling raw materials and product in-process, all the way to final finishing operations. Our personnel know how and when to look at a process or output, as well as what to do with the information they develop. A program we call "The Six Points" is used to maintain communication and awareness throughout the manufacturing process. Every item we make has complete traceability, every step of the way, start to finish.

Plating: Our rack type bright nickel /chrome plating line, supported with in-house polishing operations (automatic as well as hand polishing lathes) offers our customers immediate benefits. We have been manufacturing and finishing critical appearance products, along with general service products, for over sixty-five years. We offer our plating services on products we manufacture as well as to customer supplied parts. Our system is in full compliance with all regulatory agencies. In fact, environmental awareness is so important to us we participated for over a year in the Federal EPA "Merit Partnership Program On Hazardous Materials Reduction In The Plating Industry", creating solutions for the entire industry for hazardous materials reductions.