Answers To Popular Questions
The following questions have been designed to assist you in making All American Manufacturing Company your "single source multi-service company" for stampings and plated products.

What products do we currently offer or make?
All American Mfg. Co. manufactures drawn stampings, flat blanked parts, stamped and formed tools and trim and washers. We manufacture products made of brass stainless steel, aluminum, heat treatable steel, and low carbon steel. We also have a captive product line of plumbing specialties.

What tool and die services does All American Mfg. Co. offer?

We design and build tooling for production use at our facility. We also run tooling supplied by our customers. We have computer-aided design supported by a fully equipped toolroom. Our procedures include full tooling documentation, from design to service and repair through production history. Tool servicing and repairs are also done in-house.

What stamping/pressroom equipment does All American Mfg. Co. have?
We have fourteen OBI and Straight Side presses from 15 to 105 tons, with accompanying automatic feeders, electric coil stands, straighteners, spray and contact lubricating systems, etc. Our presses are equipped with both tonnage monitors and electronic sensing devices. We also have cut-off saws and drill presses, tapping machines, etc. for secondary and assembly operations. Our equipment is used to run coil stock, flat sheet, tubular, and pre-finished materials. We run progressive, compound, draw dies and blanking tooling in either automatic continuous operations or single hit secondary operations.

What finishing/plating services are provided?
All American Mfg. Co. along with tooling and stamping services, provides metal polishing and Nickel/Chrome plating. We have automatic rotary-indexing polishing machines, hand lathes and belt sanders. Our decorative plating line is a high production automatic twin line machine for dual Nickel/Chrome rack type plating.