Welcome to All American Manufacturing Company!

We are a metal stamping and electro-plating company serving customers for over sixty-five years. We specialize in decorative trim applications and metal stamping (brass, steel, stainless steel and aluminum) that have critial appearance applications.

As a multi-service facility, All American Manufacturing Company offers single source control of product production, quality and cost. From Tool and Die Design, to Tool Making, Part Fabrication to Finish Preparation, Polishing to Electro Plating, we exercise a level of Process Control and Service only a multi- service company can provide.

The multi-service structure of our company allows our customers to reduce lead times, reduce inventory levels, improve response times, lower costs and improve their customer service. The benefits of our integrated facility; our knowledge of material surfaces and specifications, tools and dies, lubricants, stamping, product handling, metal finishing and plating, and assembly and packaging all work together to make us the one smart source for our customers.